Uekaha is about finding a sense of inner peace & strength- both physically and mentally through movement and guidance using reo rua- bilingual – Māori & English instructions. With the intention to connect to your inner self leaving any woes and worries of this hectic world behind and dedicate some time for you. Yes you can find inner peace when you are moving- thats where your mental strength comes in and the focus on your breath!

But more than that Uekaha is about being part of a movement you could say, a part of normalising our beautiful language  in mainstream spaces- Te whakamana o tō tātou reo rangatira i te ao auraki.  And while Uekaha is still in its infancy stages, my goal is to nurture and grow it to reach far and wide- to cultivate within us a space connecting you to your inner self and strength, building a strong tinana-body to carry us through life everyday while learning our beautiful Māori language in this context.

Uekaha is created and delivered by me- Andria Vagana, along with the loving support of friends and whānau – family. I have been a personal trainer & Group Fitness instructor for the most part of the last 20 years both here in Aotearoa and in England. It was while living here with my husband  and our 4 tamariki-children for 8 years that i had a calling to return home so they could have some of their childhood growing up in one of the most beautiful rich countries in the world-knowing who they are, who & where they come from.  It has been an emotional long road for me to get to where i am now, heoi anō, kei konei ahau - but here i am!  I committed to my Te Reo Māori learning journey in 2018 and am now finding my passion & purpose in weaving the two together with Uekaha – te whakapakari o tō tātou tinana me tō tātou reo Māori - the strengthening of our bodies and our Māori language. 

My hope is that you find your passion and purpose in life – and that maybe, just maybe you find a small place in there to join us in Uekaha.  Whether kanohi ki te kanohi - face to face or, i te ipurangi – online, I look forward to???

Andria Vagana

Imagine a time, a space where you could step away from Te Ao Hurihuri nei – this ever changing world, this fast paced environment that houses us through time.

This journey of life is continually moving forward, sometimes at a pace that for many is overwhelming, disorientating and can leave us feeling disconnected and displaced. This can lead to mental and physical health issues.  

Heoi anō- However...

We all have the power to heal ourselves- kei a tatou katoa te āheinga ki te whakaora ai i a tatou.  

Te Whāinga - Mission Statement

To inspire and engage people with a heart for Māori language, a commitment to wellbeing & strengthening the body, mind & spirit, and a desire to normalising indigenous language.  We intend to create a journey to evolve the te tangata- individual, te whanau- the family, te roopu- the group of like minded people in an experience that can create a movement of generational change acknowledging those before us, those ahead of us and the gift of our natural environment. All indigenous lives matter.

"E kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea." 'I shall never be lost, I am a seed sown from Rangiātea