What's in a name?

Is a name just a name? What is in a name and what should it represent? When choosing a name for this kaupapa, Uekaha was not my first choice 'Kaha Tū' was but after seeking advice from friends who are esteemed in Te Ao Māori and respected Kaiako and also the mana whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau - Uekaha was then presented to me. I truly love this kupu (word), this ingoa (name) and all that it means and can be applied to in life. The meanings below (Te Aka) are just that but when applied to life they take on a whole new realm.
Uekaha is not just about the physical elements of us but more importantly the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing within. Navigating this world is no easy task, especially with Covid19 in 2020 and all the changes in our whānau, our communities, our country & our world. It takes vigour & strength to face daily challenges, push through a workout, make conscious informed decisions, to love yourself & others, to find your purpose, self belief and then the courage to strive for it- no matter how big or small.
Whatever the outcome, what matters the most is that we don't give up. we recover and get back up again- and again if we have to, if it means something to us and others, if it can impact someones life or make a difference... dig deep, find your uekaha and dust yourself off.
'Kia kaha, kia māia, kia manawanui'
-Be brave, be strong, be steadfast...