GROW what does it mean?

Develop is a verb that means to build up, grow, or improve gradually over time. When something develops, it grows. And if you develop something, you create it.

In our beautiful Māori language we have several different kupu (words) that mean grow dependant on the horopaki (context it is used): tirohia ki raro – see below

  • ohi- applied chiefty to childhood
  • whanake- move onwards, upwards, to grow, spring up, develop, to rise
  • kaumātua- to grow old, grow up
  • toropā- to spread, grow along the ground
  • kukune- to swell, grow- including as pregnancy advances
  • whakatupu/whakatipu- to rear, to cause to grow, raise, cutivate
  • and there are more...

For me, I chose this word to name this website that houses the 3 kaupapa I work within because I feel it was placed in my heart… I thought about the things that mean the most to me in this world and those are:

Gods Grace- Io Nui- our great creator of all;

Reo Revitalisation- relearning and bringing love and life back to Māori language;

Oranga Ora- our health and livelihood and the vitality of that within;

Whānau Wairua- the spiritual wellbeing of each and everyone of us, family being my reason for doing what I do.

I am a true believer that we have an opportunity at any given time to create new thoughts, make new decisions, plant new seeds, nurture them to grow, start new journeys, discover new gifts, talents, loves…

2020 has been quite a year and one that will go down in history.  Every person on this planet has had to renew in one way or another, make changes, face challenges and find the strength to overcome.  If you have had to plant new seeds, keep nurturing them and remember nothing comes easy, but each day if you can choose the good thoughts to keep, drop them down into your heart, believe in them, nurture them, grow them… as the saying goes “our thoughts become our words, our words our actions, our actions our habits, our habits our character and then our destiny… essentially we create it…