Popoia te kākano, kia pūawai ai - Nurture the seed so it will blossom

Te whakataukī o Wenerei/Rāhina - Wednesday✊🏾Kei te tīmata au i taku tino whakataukī:
"Poipoia te kākano- kia puāwai ai" 🌱 "Nurture the seed-so that it will blossom" This was the first whaktaukī I fell in love with. When starting my te reo Māori learning journey it gave me comfort, strength and a sense of peace when the struggle got real, got emotional and ... well... nurturing tbe seed of tō tātou reo ūkaipō was just dam hard! Heoi anō... kei konei tonu ahau, kei te ako tonu ahau, kei te poipoia te kākano e au
Even after being a fitness trainer for 20 yrs and venturing into the unknown when creating Uekaha I would say this in my mind and out loud at those times of self doubt, or fear of not being matatau, of not knowing enough, of being a relatively new learner of tō tātou reo rangatira.  But what I've realised is the more i nurture it the more i learn, the more i love our language and the journey of learning it and heloing to revitalise it in my own small way.  He mīharo rawa atu tēnei haerenga! This is the most amazing journey- paved and led, NURTURED by some beautiful people.
For me this proverb applies to every aspect of my life- taku mokopuna, āku tamariki, tōku hoa rangatira, tōku whānau whānui, āku mahi, tō tātou reo rangatira,  ahakoa te aha, whatever  we choose to do or feel in life - if we treat it as a seed and nurture it, it will blossom and this can apply to positive and negative so kia tupatō kei whāngaia ngā mea hē, ngā mea kino rānei.  Be cautious not to feed the wrong things, the things that are harmful to us and those around us but acknowledge them, learn from them and move forward.
Arohanui, Andria. 
Uekaha- v.  to be vigorous, forceful, energetic. 
n. vigour, energy, dynamism, enthusiasm.