YO! YO! YO!  Auckland is back to level 1

We would love for you to join us out in the fresh air for our bootcamp sessions.

I started YO! at the end 2009 to reach out to more of our community.  Fitness has been a big part of my life for over 20 years now and I still love it, but more so how it enables me to connect with and guide clients through their health & fitness journey.  I have had the pleasure of seeing many people transition into a stronger, fitter, healthier & happier person over the years. With Covid in the world more and more people are realising the value and importance in being in their best physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.  They all go hand in hand and at YO! we always consider a holistic approach to all that we do. Whether it is working with a small or large group or personal training one or two- my goal is to help clients improve their current state, stay motivated, find enjoyment in it and ultimately reach their goals.

YO! Fitness & Training

Is working out at the gym on your own getting lonely, boring and nothing about your workouts moves you towards your GOALS?

Join us and let us motivate you with an awesome group of locals who turn up, do the work, have fun and have found their happy place with us… we have been serving Te Atatu since late 2009 and still love what we do but we care for our members more!

We work to create a strong sense of BELONGING amongst our members,  educate,  ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT healthy nutrition, initiate and motivate regular participation and commitment to each individuals training schedule.

Our goal is to provide a timetable that offers a VARIATION of sessions that target all components of FITNESS and allows us to keep our groups at a smaller number to maintain instructor to participant focus. After all, we don’t want you getting lost in it all… although you may find you turn up to a session, get in the zone, go hard and LOSE YOURSELF in it all quite naturally!

Whether it be at one of our high energy, awesome indoor classes or our constantly evolving (air conditioned) outdoor BOOTCAMP sessions, there is a class for EVERY BODY, every fitness level, every shape, every size, every gender… we do not discriminate… in fact we welcome ALL…

If you’re ready to COMMIT to your training, then we’re ready to commit to you and your JOURNEY!

We can promise that we will CHALLENGE and MOTIVATE you, get you flipping, LIFTING, jumping……….you name it, you might just be doing it…..It will be WORK, but it will be FUN! However a session goes, it will challenge you MENTALLY and physically, but, the group CAMARADERIE will get you through and at the end of it we’ll HIGH 5 each other!

At YO! It's not about who crosses the finish line first or who gets the most reps, its about STARTING and finishing the tasks set before you… MISSION COMPLETED!

Sitting at home not ever starting and finishing is NOT an option!